Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Healing Goodness

Another staple ingredient I use in all my herbal salves along with Calendula is Comfrey.

The leaves are used in salve making and they have amazing healing benefits. Staph infections for instance, which are caused by Staphylococcal bacteria, are quickly killed by simply applying Comfrey salve to the infected area. Open wounds heal extremely fast - usually within 24 hours or less- and usually leave no scars behind as well. Broken bones are known to heal faster when Comfrey is applied to the outside of the affected area, and torn ligaments and tendons also heal quite quickly when a Comfrey salve is applied externally. Not only does Comfrey start the healing process quite fast, it also helps relieve pain as soon as it comes in contact with the injured area. It's also excellent for bringing down swelling and reducing inflammation.

Comfrey also heals hard-to-heal wounds such as bites from brown recluse spiders, diabetic ulcers, and bedsores.

Plants have awesome powers; they never cease to amaze me.

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  1. Thank you for the info on comfrey, Elecia. That's an herb I've thought of more lately. The name is just so pretty and telling. I didn't know it was also so skilled at healing "hard to heal wounds". What magic!

    Much Love,
    Lauren Lionheart

    P.S. The gray text is difficult for me to see. A darker shade of gray might be helpful for readability.

  2. it's important not to use comfrey when there is infection present. comfrey heals wounds so quickly that it can capture the infection within.

  3. I never knew about comphrey. My mother suffers from arthritis in her feet and I have a friend who deals with terrible pain in her hands. I think I'll pop over to your shop and order jars for them. Thank you for the great info. PS ~ I've already sent them coconut oil to start rubbing on their affected areas.