Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Hooded Sage

"People like to push the blame of their pain onto others and external conditions. While other people and external conditions can affect the quality of your energy—it is precisely within your very own ability to discipline your own emotion and mind and maintain the quality of your own inner feelings that grants you the very ability to withstand things. Essentially, all you have to really do is vibrate faster than anything that is affecting you. If you don’t understand what it means to vibrate faster—understand this. You are a reflection of your own attitudes and inner feelings. Change your attitudes and inner feelings, and your energy vibrates faster, because they are essentially the same thing. Energy is a feeling.

There is nothing that you can’t heal, if you can only change the way you feel. Put that on your fridge.

Emotional reaction and rigid intellectual opinions are the very things that degrade the very quality of a person’s body, life, and spirit. I try to teach people: No Emotion—No Mind. No Reaction—No Opinion. Because emotion is nothing more than a reaction of the rigid intellectual opinions of the human ego. And the rigid intellectual opinions of the human ego are nothing more than programming from the hammer of conditioning. Rigid intellectual opinions are the very things that form the limitations of one’s own perception and reality. No Opinion=No Reaction. No Reaction=No Imbalance. No Imbalance=Balance.
If you want to evolve and develop your energy, you have to ditch your rigid intellectual opinions."

 -Khris Krepcik of

This has never been explained better, in my opinion. I have a very deep respect for Khris Krepcik, who was a student of Stuart Wilde for many years.

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  1. Fantastic. Thank you, Elecia, for posting this 'hands-on' explanation of how our own thoughts effect our frequencies which in turn effect our health and well being. Achieving and maintaining a higher/healthier vibration while simply being the I AM that I AM, is my focus -or maybe I should say- my unfocus now. I'm excited to have found your blog thru your recent front page success story on Etsy. I'll be returning and look forward to our cyber healings.

  2. I admit I also found your blog from your feature on Etsy. But I wanted to follow your blog because it is so refreshing to find someone who is doing what they love because they really think it's an important thing to do (and I also want to live in the mountains and have a little shop that is all handmade, herbal, natural, and old beautiful stuff!!). That's simplifying it quite a bit, but at the risk of sounding creepy, I can't wait to hear more from you!!