Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Calendula to the Rescue

My life partner Matthew came home late last night from working on a project and fell asleep in front of the space heater. He woke up with a pretty nasty burn on his knee.
I sent him off to school today with a jar of cool salve, knowing it contains herbs and essential oils that will soothe his burn and heal it super quick.

One of my favorite ingredients that I use in all of my salves is Calendula. Calendula is a popular salve and cream ingredient because it decreases the inflammation of sprains, stings, varicose veins and other swellings. It soothes burns, sunburn, rashes, and skin irritations, cures acne, and stops bleeding.
This amazing flower is also anti-fungal, astringent, and anti-viral. Amazing, right?

While other prescription medicated ointments cause contact dermatitis and other crazy side effects, herbal salves do not have any side effects at all. Just healing goodness.

The Earth is so good to us.

Love love,

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  1. I have posted on FB & my Blog.I have some herbal salves,they do work.Much success on your venture.