Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Journey

Life can lead you to the most amazing places. Follow your dreams. Shine your heart.
Listen to that intuition within. It will show you the way; I promise.

June was the most incredible month of my life.
I met people filled with true Grace. People like that are very rare.

This is a picture of me taken a few weeks ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
If you are ever given the opportunity to see those mountains, go.
I was told they are the oldest mountains in the world.

Never forget you are loved.

Love love,


  1. Hello, Love your stuff, cant wait for your store to open again! I started a blog a few months back and just started a list of blogs I follow.Trying to get more readers... I picked yours, and was wondering if you would link my blog in return. If not, no worries, have a beautiful day!

  2. insightful thoughts on alternative health! i appreciate your positive energy as well.
    light and love beauty!